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Security Council authorize naval operations off Libya’s coasts


Diplomats said on Wednesday, that Britain gave member states of the UN Security Council a draft resolution authorizing naval operations to seize and dispose the bouts of people smugglers in international waters, off the coast of Libya.

The diplomats added that the member states received the draft on Tuesday, and it could be put to vote next week, when the council will discuss the migration crisis, according to Reuters.

The draft resolution would authorize the European Union to capture people smugglers in the international waters off Libya’s coast, dismantle their boats to prevent migrants fleeing war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East.

The draft, seen by Reuters, would allow U.N member states to seize the boats used in migrant smuggling or people trafficking from Libya in the high seas, it adds that disposing the boats will be done according to the international laws.

These naval operation is the second stage in a three phase’s European operation, which aims to stem the flow of migrants and refugees to the E.U which escalated to become a dangerous international crisis with in the past months.

The mandate specified in the draft is a watered down version of a previous plan to get the authorization for all the three phases from the U.N – gathering information and executing naval operations in heigh seas off Libya coast, besides operations off Libya and on shores.

The diplomats pointed that Britain is lingering on the mandate for the third phase, because it requires the approval of the Libyan authorities. However the rival Libyan factions haven’t approved yet on a formula for power sharing brokered by the U.N.

While Russia is concerned about the excessive use of force, diplomats said that fellow VETO China is also concerned about the violation of sovereignty.