Home News Al-Thinni’s government condemns the impeding of PM’s flight 

Al-Thinni’s government condemns the impeding of PM’s flight 


Al-Thinni’s government released a statement on Wednesday, expressing their anger of the Prime Minister, Abdallah Al-Thinni, not being able to leave Alabraq airport to go to Malta, to attend an oil conference.

Al-Thinni was on his way to Malta to participate in the oil conference the National Oil Corporation has been organizing for more than three months with about 30 oil companies attending.

The government said in a statement that the armed group, which prevented the Prime Minister from leaving, has disobeyed the orders of the supreme commander of the armed forces Ageela Saleh, in which he said that the commander of AlAbraq air base held the responsibility for preventing the Prime Minister, and the escorted envoy from leaving. He also asked the armed group to immediately follow the orders and decline without intercepting the plane, but they insisted on preventing Al-Thinni’ s plane from launching.

The government also insisted that this incident is a blatant assault against the legitimate and executive institutions in Libya, and is an underestimation of the Libyan people and their democratic choices, in practices that are very similar to those committed by some rogue groups against previous governments in the capital city Tripoli.

The government statement said that an armed group intercepted Al-Thinni’s plane in the airport and prevented him from leaving, closed the airport and stopped him, claiming that they got orders from the army command to arrest the Prime Minister. They also, prevented his envoy from leaving the airport but other armed group intervened and forced them to retreat.

The Libyan government called on the House of Representatives to take up its responsibilities and take all legal proceedings concerning those actions.