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Contradictions surround the latest draft 


The latest draft update of the Libyan political agreement was released on Monday; it included the amendments put forward by the General National Congress (GNC).

The House of Representatives in Tobrok (HoR), did not meet up with all members to discuss the amendments of the draft which were proposed by the GNC. The number of HoR members who met up to discuss the amendments were no more than 30 out of the 200 members.

The HoR criticised the draft with its new amendments, they said that they did not agree on the amendments. The Dialogue Committee of the HoR said that any suggestions or amendments of the drafts should not be placed in the draft; they have not been agreed on, therefore, they should be put on separate pages for the multiple factions to look at them, and discuss on whether they ratify or object them.

However, Bernardino Leon, the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), announced that there has been concord between the factions on the main points in the draft on forming the accord government, he expects the factions to make their agreement official soon. He said that the two main factions in the dialogue, the HoR and the GNC have agreed on 8 out of the 9 points, which is progress; only one point remains to be negotiated and agreed on. Leon said that the important thing to take note of here, is how the delegates and representatives of the Libyan people put the nation’s interests before theirs, for that, he said the Libyan people should be proud.

Leon still believes that the final draft will have the full support from both the GNC and the HoR, and that it will be accredited by all the other participants in the dialogue.