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Leon gives an update on Libyan dialogue


The Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Bernardino Leon, has issued a statement regarding the progress of the Libyan Political dialogue. He begins by saying that UNSMIL is starting a new round of talks in the dialogue, which he hopes to be the final round. He has high hopes that the deadline set for the 20th of September will be the last one and will allow Libya to get out of its crisis.

He does admit that the recent news in Libya is alarming, with the killing of civilians in Benghazi, and the news of Islamic State taking control of the Libyan Central Bank in Sirte, and some private banks. He said this is why the situation is concerning not only the Libyans, but also the international community.

He made it clear that the international community doesn’t only condemn what is happening, but they want the Libyans themselves to understand the seriousness of this and that enough is enough. He said that, all of the Libyans are asking their representatives, politicians, independent and civil society, who are gathering in Skhirat to reach a deal and take Libya out of the chaos, he said they should put the country’s interest over theirs.

Leon said that in the coming days the agenda will be to negotiate the extensions on the draft, and he hopes that by Friday evening they should be finalised, if they are finalised, then tomorrow they will start the discussion on the names of candidates.

He also said that the UN wants the process to be completely transparent and clear to everyone. He said that they will use the same method that is used in the European Union to select the top personalities. He said that the priority will be given to the House of Representatives (HoR) and the General National Congress (GNC), and then the discussion will gradually be open to all participants taking part in the dialogue.

He concluded by saying that, both the HoR and GNC will have the possibility to propose candidates for the post of deputy prime ministers. He said that he hopes that everybody will engage in this discussion in a responsible way.

Moving swiftly on, the UN Security Council has extended the mandate of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), under the leadership of Bernardino Leon, until the 15 of March 2016.

The UN Security Council called for all of the parties, involved in the dialogue, to “engage constructively” with the efforts of UNSMIL and Bernardino Leon, and urged Libyans to form the accord government, as soon as they can.