Home News Soldiers stop the tribe delegation from meeting Leon 

Soldiers stop the tribe delegation from meeting Leon 


The UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, said that the meeting of sheikhs of Libyan tribes was cancelled, because the delegation was stopped from going to Egypt to meet him there.

Leon said in a press release that the representatives of the tribes who arrived in Cairo, on Wednesday, told him that two armed militants prevented the other participants from traveling; they expressed their disappointment for that.

Leon added that he believes representing tribes is an important element for the Libyan political equation, as “we said before that any political agreement must be supported by all of the factions that shape the Libyan society, and that is why we still work on this meeting with the representatives of Libyan tribes’ in the next couple of days”.

On his side, the Secretary of the Preparatory Committee, Mohamed Al-shahomy, said that militants stopped the members of the committee from travelling from Al-Abraq airport, in the eastern side of Libya, from departing; therefore, they couldn’t attend the meeting.

Al-Shahomy added that he doesn’t know who are the armed militants who did that, although the militants said that they are from the Libyan army, who must be under the leadership of general Khalifa Haftar.