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Obstacles arise in the way of the Libyan dialogue



Abdulrazag Elaradi, one of the leaders of al-Adala Wa al-Binaa Party (Justice and Construction Party), told LIBYAPROSPECT that he, and al-Adala Wa al-Binaa Party have no problem with who becomes the Prime Minister of the government of National Accord, he said that they can be from either side, the main thing is that they must fulfil the requirements of the Libyan people, and when he becomes Prime Minister he must not be an obstacle in the way of the Libyan dialogue.

In addition, Omar Rhuma, one of the consultants of Mohammed Sowane, the head of al-Adala Wa al-Binaa Party, said that in his opinion the Prime Minister should be from the HoR and not from any other faction. Similar to Mr Elaradi, he believes the Prime Minster must not cause problems and should not stand in the way of the dialogue.

Despite this, the House of Representatives in Tobrok has sent a formal request to the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Bernardino Leon, to make a promise to ensure that the Prime Minister of the government of National Accord will be one of the candidates put forward by the HoR, and that they should have the first say on who should be the first Deputy to the Prime Minister.

They also sent a written letter to Leon, they requested of him to allow the HoR to select the members of the government of National Accord, and that the draft that was signed by the delegation of the HoR has not disclosed the arguments around the amendments.

The letter also demanded that all the laws, decisions and regulations issued by the HoR, of which, resulted in political and sovereign positions for the HoR cannot be modified or reviewed by the new government, the draft agreement must mention this; in order to be agreed on and finalised by the 20th of September 2015.

They concluded the letter with an explicit threat, they made it clear that they are not bound by the draft, and if their needs are not met then they will withdraw from the dialogue. Then they will go to the streets of Libya, to the people and deal only with them. The issue here is, they do not know what the needs are of the Libyan people and what concerns they may have.

According to Africa Gate News, Abubaker Baierah (one of the front runners of the candidates to become Prime Minister of the concord government) believes that there are sides or factions that are trying to hinder the progress of the dialogue and process of sorting out the crisis in Libya.

He said that the Libyan dialogue committee of the HoR is working on ending the crisis in the country, but others are trying to hinder the work of the committee. He also said, the dialogue has a good opportunity to succeed, despite the difficult conditions placed by the GNC, who he believes are trying to sabotage the dialogue.

He made it clear that the HoR want the Prime Minister and the first Deputy of the concord government to be from the HoR. He even said that one of the HoR’s conditions will be that no one can change or modify anything in the country especially the big governmental positions, including the head of the Military.

On the other hand, Mohammed Sowane, the Head of al-Adala Wa al-Binaa Party released statement saying that his party will not nominate any candidate to become the Prime Minister. He said that we will accept anyone who is voted into the position. However, he said that the main thing is, they are good to everyone and fulfil the needs of the Libyan people.