Home News Over 180 migrants wash up on Libya’s coast

Over 180 migrants wash up on Libya’s coast


The bodies of 183 migrants that washed up on Libya’s shore in the past couple of days, it is now understood that they were on the boat that capsized off the coast of Zuwara 10 days ago. Many outrageous and graphic photographs of men, women and children’s bodies were posted up on social media in the past couple of days, and caused a worldwide uproar.

According to the Libyan Red Cross and other aid agencies in Zuwara, many more bodies have been recovered, with the tally reaching 183. According to AFP, the coastguards had to use more than two helicopters and multiple boats to recover the bodies.

The boat was carrying 400 migrants when it sank off the coast of Zuwara, only 110 bodies were recovered that night and 60 bodies were recovered the day after, this event sparked protests in the city of Zuwara. Now the 183 bodies have caused uproar all over the world with images going viral online.

It is estimated that 2,500 people have lost their lives this summer by drowning in the Mediterranean Sea trying to get to Europe.