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Migrants risk their lives to go to Europe


Zuwara has been a launchpad for refugees who want to go to Europe, a BBC report has highlighted this fact. Many refugees from war-torn countries such as Syria or Palestine travel to Libya in their thousands, they pay thousands of Dollars to travel to Europe, only to be put in small flimsy boat hoping to reach Europe, of which many end up dead.

The BBC reporter described that when you walk on the beach of Zuwara, you will see dead bodies, clothes and shoes that belong to the migrants who get washed ashore.

According to AFP, another migrant boat has sunk in the Mediterranean, it is believed that 30 migrants have drowned when a boat carrying between 120-140 migrants began to deflate, which led to people panicking and they began running from side to side, many people fell off, others hung on.

The boat, which was inflated at a Libyan beach began to deflate quickly after it had departed. Rescuers have only recovered one body; the search for more is still ongoing. The migrants on the boat were mainly from sub-Saharan countries, such as Nigeria, the Sudan and Somalia.

European nations want to bolster their efforts in tackling this migrant crisis by targeting the smugglers. On Thursday, the Italian authorities have arrested two suspected smugglers, one is Tunisian, and the other is Libyan.