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Libyan dialogue is getting closer to the end



An observer, who is close to many factions that are taking part in the Libyan political dialogue in Geneva, spoke exclusively to LIBYAPROSPECT. He said that during the dialogue, which took place today in Geneva Bernardino Leon, the UN envoy to Libya and the heads of the factions spoke about many things.

They said that the next round of meetings in Skhirat will be the final one, and it must take place after the middle of September. He added that all the factions will have a say in nominating the Prime Minister of the expected Government of National Accord.

The deputies of the Prime Minister will be from both, the House of Representatives (HoR) and the General National Congress (GNC). The observer said that apparently, the head of the al-Adala Wa al-Binaa party (Justice and Construction party) called for the diplomatic talk to come to a halt, and he highlighted the necessity of paying attention to the real concerns of each faction, he said that it is significant in order to know the coming steps.

Leon said that the final agreement must take place on the target day, set by himself, which is the 20th of September. Leon also said that the new amendments will not satisfy all the factions, as not all amendments can be implemented, but he will do his best to satisfy all factions, in the hopes of them compromising to come to agreement. He said that there will be a special attachment to reform the previous decisions.

During the talks in Geneva, there was an unprecedented presence of the ambassadors of the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Egypt.

Leon will meet with the revolutionary leaders from the cities of Zawia, Zintan, Misrata and Tripoli to talk about security arrangements.

After the meeting finished on Friday, the factions have agreed on 7-9 new points to be included in the final agreement, and it is believed that the hours of concord are edging closer.

In other news, the head of the al-Adala Wa al-Binaa party (Justice and Construction party), Mohammed Sowane said in a statement on his Facebook page that he has good news for the Libyan people. He said that after almost a year of continuous dialogue and negotiations led by the UN, the talks are finally coming to a stage where the finish line is in sight, the factions are about to sign on the draft and the Government of National Accord will be formed.

He said that he knows that the road has been a rocky one, with many obstacles and pits, but finally they are reaching the end, and to end the big divisions in Libya which have torn Libya apart and has created a political vacuum.

Sowane said that the good thing is the fact the GNC got their wishes fulfilled, and their amendments were accepted, all the concerns of al-Adala Wa al-Binaa party, the boycotters of the HoR and the city councils were addressed. The only thing left to do is to sign on the draft and accept the final agreement.

Sowane also said that his party is not insisting to nominate anyone from their side to become the Prime Minister, he said that his party wants the negotiations succeed. He said that the party only want to choose someone who is qualified to rule the country, someone who can unite all Libyans.

He added that Libya needs someone who can lead all of the Libyans and does not alienate any faction, all we need is someone who wants the best for Libya. He also said, we have to move forward to end the struggling of our people and achieve stability in Libya.

In addition Fadhil Al-Ameen, an independent participant of political Libyan dialogue also spoke about the dialogue on his Facebook page. He said, despite the difficulties and trammels in the way of the negotiations, to resolve the Libyan crisis, end the fighting and divisions in Libya, the good results of the dialogue started to appear.

This means that we are on the right track in moving towards ending our troubles. This will lead us to the point where we can create stability and end the awful divisions, we will reactivate our economical corporations, and we will also unite ourselves against the terrorism that threatens the existence of our homeland.

He says that the Government of National Accord will work on specific aspects, such as, security, economy, and the other things that threaten Libya. The job is not easy, but there is no alternative to it.