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Kawaan to sue al-Nayed over phone call leak


Nizaar Kawaan, a member of the General National Congress (GNC) and a member of Al Adala Wa Albinaa Party (Justice and Rebuilding Party) released a statement on the leak of the conversation that went on between the Libyan Ambassador to Emirates, Aref al-Nayed and an unknown person, which was posted on YouTube. In his statement, Kawaan said that it was strange, shocking and unacceptable to him and for Libyans as a whole, that this recording has someone like Mr al-Nayed, who is a renowned politician and diplomat of Libya, who was encouraging killing and assassination.

When al-Nayed told the other person on the phone, do to Khalid al-Shireef (one of the leaders of al-Moqatilla Islamic group, and Libya dawn) the same as you did to Nizaar Kaawan. Kawaan said that this means you either assassinate him or burn his house, as they did to him.

Kawaan now believes that the multiple attempts on his life during last year, and the burning down of his and his father’s house, took place under the orders of al-Nayed. He says that I was astounded that someone like Mr al-Nayed would do such a thing that is not what we expected from him, someone in his position should care of the safety of the city, he should be keen to protect the favours of the nation, the stability of the capital city, and the safety of its people.

Kawaan adds that, after hearing the leaked recording, and for maintaining the values of justice, he said that he will go to the Attorney General, asking for an immediate investigation in this matter. Particularly, due to the fact that this recording has come in a very critical time in Libyan politics.

It is important to note that al-Nayed is one of the candidates put forward to become the Prime Minister of the expected Government of National Accord, which will govern Libya with a mandate to rule, this means it is important for him, or his spokesperson to give an explanation of what had occurred, and what did he mean by saying what he said. In the words of Kawaan, how can someone who encourages killing and assassination rule Libya?