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GNC to attend last round of talks in Geneva


The UN-brokered Libyan dialogue, which has been taking place for almost a year, has finally started to reach an end. Libya is facing increasing pressure from western nations to reach an agreement and sign on the draft; the migrant crisis is one of the main reasons for the increasing pressure, in addition to the increased presence of Islamic State (IS) affiliate in the country.

The Government of National Accord will have the unconditional support by many European nations, of which include the UK, France and Italy. According to AFP, the General National Congress (GNC) will attend the Geneva talks on Thursday and Friday. The talks that will take place today and tomorrow are crucial for the peace talks to be finalised.

A member of the GNC, announced on Wednesday that the GNC will be attending, he said “The GNC decided to participate in the dialogue sessions in Geneva. We are going to participate in a serious way,” he added, team “The dialogue is going in order to include the changes we are asking for in the draft deal,”

This came after the UN Envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, held talks with the GNC on Tuesday in Istanbul. One of GNC members said the talks were positive. According to AFP, Leon promised to discuss, in a serious way, including the changes in the draft deal.

After he met with the GNC in Istanbul on Tuesday, Leon said “I encouraged the GNC members to continue to try to find a solution as soon as possible,” he said. “We have little time and we have to expedite the final solution.”

The deadline set for the draft to be signed by both the General National Congress (GNC) and the House of Representatives (HoR), is the 20th of September, and the date set for the expected Government of National Accord to begin operating and take control of Libya is the 20th of October, the day the HoR’s mandate is finished.