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Sheikhs and Quran students killed in Benghazi

shiekh A Adalah

In the last few days in Benghazi, two bodies were discovered, these two bodies belong to, Sheikh Abdulhadi al-Areebi, the imam of Masjid Nur al-Rahman in district al-Karama, and his deputy, Sheikh Ahmed Seedi, these two bodies were found after two days since the Central Security under the retired General Khalifa Haftar attacked the mosque during fajr prayers, they went into the mosque with their shoes, they began shooting warning shots from outside the Masjid in the garden, then they ran in and kidnapped the Sheikh and his Deputy.

Some eye witnesses believe the Central Security that killed the Sheikh and his Deputy were the ones who kidnapped them; the method they undertook to kidnap them was very violent.

The body of Sheikh Ahmed Seedi was found decapitated; they found the head before they found the rest of his body. According to some sources from Benghazi, the two corpses had signs of torture of all sorts, they even done post-mortem torture on their corpses as signs of gunshot wounds and severe burning to the body were also found, in addition to amputated arms and open wounds.

24 hours before the Sheikh and his deputy were found, anothershiekh A Adalah
two bodies of two other Sheikhs were discovered, one is called Abdulrahman al-Dalah, and the other Sheikh is called Ali al-Hesnawi. They were found amongst other bodies, it is believed that the corpses found with the two sheikhs are bodies of students of Quran; some sources in Benghazi say that they think that the students were also kidnapped during the last few days.

Amongst those bodies, they found one of the young men called Ali al-Agouri, his body was with these bodies, he lived in the area called Laythi in Benghazi, and because of the war in Laythi, they moved to an area called al-Majouri, the area of al-Majouri is under the control of retired General Khalifa Haftar.علي العقوري

Some eyewitnesses in al-Majouri said that, armed residents were the ones that kidnapped him about 6-7 days ago, he was taken to an unknown place, and after they found his body, they prevented his family from doing a funeral for him.

Important sources in Benghazi told LIBYAPROSPECT that the ones that are responsible for committing all of these crimes of kidnapping and the murders of the students and the teachers of Quran are Salafist groups loyal to Haftar. These sources say that the Salafist groups committed these heinous crimes because of the difference in the ideologies between the Salafist sheikhs and other sheikhs. These Salafist groups who are loyal to the Saudi Arabian Salafist sheikh Rabi al-Madkhali, they are called Madkhallia. Some say that they are taking advantage of the fact that they are armed, to do these things to the other sheikhs who oppose them.

On the other hand, the Special Forces in Benghazi announced that one of their commanders called Emad al-Jazwi was killed in a battle in the area of Laythi in Benghazi, against the Islamist groups in Benghazi, other soldiers were injured with him by a roadside bomb, and he died from the bomb.

The Central Hospital in Benghazi has received another four bodies from the Libyan Army and seven other bodies of unknown persons.

The questions raised for the retired General Khalifa Haftar are, is he serious in his fight against terrorism in Benghazi, or is it true that his followers are taking the advantage of being under his leadership by killing and kidnapping their enemies from other ideologies? So, if Haftar is fighting against terrorism, then why are the Salafists under Haftar doing the same thing?