Home News A phone call of al-Nayed leaked on YouTube 

A phone call of al-Nayed leaked on YouTube 


On Tuesday, a phone call was posted on YouTube between, Dr. Aref al-Nayed and someone else who remains unknown. In the phone call, al-Nayed, the Libyan ambassador to Emirates and one of the candidates to become Prime Minister of the expected Libyan government, was asking the person he was on the phone with, to do the same thing they did to Nizaar Kaawan – a member of al-Adala Wa al-Binna and a former member of the GNC- to Khalid al-Shareef, one of the leaders of al-Moqatilla Islamic group and Libya Dawn.

Observers explained the meaning of the call, they said that last year someone tried to assassinate Nizaar Kaawan and then burned down his house and his father’s house in Tripoli. In the phone call al-Nayed said, do the same as you did to Nizaar Kawaan to Khalid al-Shareef, this means assassinate him or burn his house down, as the observers explained.

Other observers said that maybe, this video was released to show that al-Nayed is not qualified to become a Prime Minister as he is one of the candidates put forward by the House of Representatives to be Prime Minister of the concord government.

The video release needs to be confirmed and Mr al-Nayed must explain what went on in the phone call and what did he mean by saying what he said.