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Around 200 migrant bodies on Libyan coast



According to Libyan officials, around 200 bodies of migrants have been recovered, Friday, by rescuers. The boats had capsized as they crossed the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Europe.

A Libyan official mentioned that more people may also be dead in two situations off the Libyan coast. Approximately 100 were rescued from one of the boats that was packed with 400 people.

The bodies of migrants, who had drowned off the coastal city of Zuwara were being collected by the Libyan authorities.

According to Associated Press (AP), workers were seen dragging a wrecked boat into the harbour, and clearing bodies from the water. The body bags had been lined up on the waterfront, and at least one victim appeared to be wearing a life vest.

The head of Libya’s Red Crescent in Zuwara, Hussein Asheini, mentioned that around 105 people had been killed, some died whilst stuck inside the boat after it capsized. Coast guards and fisherman had to break into the ship’s deck in order to reach the trapped people after pulling the flooded vessel back to Zuwara.

“The boat sank out sea, and a coast guard team is still diving in and checking inside to see if there’s anyone else,” said Asheini. He also added that there is still not a certain figure for the casualties and the Red Crescent was still counting the survivors and bodies.

According to witnesses the bodies of at least 40 people were discovered trapped in the boats wreckage whilst others were found floating in the sea. The death toll would be the highest this summer for migrants and refugees attempting to reach Europe from North Africa, if confirmed.