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Makhzoom resigns from the GNC committee

Saleh Makhzoom

The General National Congress (GNC) will not be attending the negotiations in Skhirat on Thursday, after the resignation of Saleh Makhzoom, the Head of the Committee of the GNC, according to a Libyan News Agency.

The same source said that, it is expected that the GNC will completely change the committee, which is seen as trying to impede the negotiations. Makhzoom resigned one day before the most important round of negotiations, and the Head of the GNC, Nuri Abusahmain, accepted his resignation immediately.

Aladala Wa Albinaa Party (Justice and Building Party) said that this step came after disputes between Makhzoom and Abusahmain. It is essential to mention that Makhzoom is an active member of Aladala Wa Albinaa party, and this reflects the attitude of the party against Abusahmain, as they consider him as the main obstacle hindering the negotiations.