Home News Over 4000 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya

Over 4000 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya


Italian Coastguards and the Italian navy have rescued approximately 4,400 migrants off the coast of Libya, in the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday. A call of distress came from more than 20 overcrowded vessels, which were carrying about 4,400 migrants.

It was two naval patrol ships who picked up the majority of the migrants from the vessels which were sinking, off the coast of Libya, other coastguard vessels boarded a small number of migrants from three different vessels, the rescue missions are still going on.

More than 2,300 people have died whilst they attempt to cross the Mediterranean f

This rescue mission has been recorded as one of the biggest single-day rescue mission since January. The total of the migrants who have arrived to Europe from Africa, the Middle East and Asia in 2015 is in the hundreds of thousands of people.

Italy has been the country most affected by this influx of migrants, with the total so far this year being just over 105,000 migrants in Italy alone.