Home Reports Does the Libyan army in Benghazi need mercenaries?

Does the Libyan army in Benghazi need mercenaries?


Abushaalah tells Tiboo from Chad to leave Libya

Colonel Faraj Abushaalah, one of the Commanders under the leadership of Retired General Khalifa Haftar, said something noteworthy in a video on social media, talking about one of his missions.

Colonel Faraj Abushaalah
Colonel Faraj Abushaalah

He begins by saying that, he was invited to the operations room of the Karama Operation for a briefing, he was ordered in the operation room to go to the tribe of Al-Tiboo, this is a tribe, which is situated in the south of Libya. He was assigned to go to negotiate with the delegation of Al-Tiboo, and try to convince them to support the Karama operation with their foot soldiers, to help them in the battle in Benghazi against terrorism, under the leadership of Haftar.

Abushaalah said that he talked with the delegation of Al-Tiboo, and told them that they want to take Tiboo fighters from Kufra, Rebyana, Omlaraneb, Sabha, Morzoq and other places of Al-Tiboo in the south as volunteers to fight with Haftar. It was decided that the volunteers would meet up in Omlaraneb prior to being taken to Benghazi to receive training and to fight.

He said that his job, as Colonel and one of the Commanders of the patrol groups was to: talk to the delegation of Al-Tiboo, to get the Karama operation volunteers from all of those places and bring them to Omlaraneb, then to take them to Benghazi to be trained. That is all.

Once the volunteers came and met up in Omlaraneb, there were a few of them, but they began registering them, and as he finished preparing them, he was arrested, so he couldn’t finish off his job. He was arrested by the Shura Council of Revolutionaries in Benghazi, the video was taken whilst he was arrested.

He said that the tribes of Al-Tiboo who belong in the south of Libya, live across the area ranging from south of Libya even into the neighbouring countries, Chad and Niger. As Abushaalah says, when these people hear of something like this, where there is fighting or money, they all come, not only the Tiboo of Libya but even the ones from Chad and Niger. Abushaalah said, this is what happened with them, they called for the Tiboo in Libya, and they got Tiboo from Chad and Niger, the ones who came, never came as Libyans, they were mercenaries, it is hard to differentiate between the Tiboo of Libya and those of Chad and Niger, as the Tiboo all live in the area which covers places in south of Libya and some areas of Chad and Niger.

He finished off by sending a message to the people of Al-Tiboo, whether from Libya, Chad or Niger, they have to take care of themselves; they are sending their sons and husbands to their death, so he advises the families to stop them from coming to Libya, and argues that, this is a conspiracy to destroy Libya, no one knows what the problems in Libya are, they don’t know how serious they are, so he advises them to pull back their fighters today before tomorrow; no one knows what will happen. He finishes off by saying, leave the Libyans with their problems, they will deal with them by themselves.