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Fajer (Dawn) – Karama (Dignity)


By: Abdurrazaq Al-Dahesh*

DaheshFajer (Dawn) – Karama  (Dignity) … I am not with the opinion that betrays the team, and I will not be with those who excommunicates another…

There are parties that failed for several reasons to manage their political conflict through election boxes, and thus resorting to ammunition boxes.

In the first case, even the winner will be a loser. In the second, even the winner will definitely be a loser.

Each party has sought to gain power through what is religiously sacred on one hand and what is national on the other.

The result was the exchange of accusations for free… between excommunication and accusations of betrayal, between the excommunicators and the accusers of betrayal.

Each camp employed what is sacred, as a shield to cover the disastrous shedding of blood, of capacities, of time… nothing can justify death, except what is more precious than life.

The problem among the parties is not about what they disagree upon. It is upon what they agree upon. It is not about what is changing but rather what is fixed.

The conflict is a state of political clash where red lines were drawn to hold on to the mold of the regime a few times, and hold on to rulers every time… without regard for principles that distinguish between white and black, and distinguish between those who disagree with us and those who disagree against us.

The UN emissary “Leon” understood half of the problem and is struggling to achieve half of the solution, but he cannot make a table stand on two legs only. The infant, in spite of the pain of labor, will be with special needs.

Therefore, the sacred veil of this political clash must be toppled, it must be admitted that it is a case of political adversity… and then the rhetoric of hate with all of its results that aim to mobilize the feelings against the other must be toppled.

The feuding parties have not gained in a war that will necessary lose whatever the result. The problem is that no one wants to suffice with half a victory, to gain the battle of peaceful disagreement with all it encompasses, including the accepting of the other, the diversity of ethics, and the victory of the values of tolerance.

The Karama camp can turn into a political project, and the Fajer Libya Camp can turn into a political project. Everyone, in a reconciliatory and condoning language, can submit papers to accredit the Libya of the future.

No party can be all of Libya, but Libya can be all parties.

As long as import everything from everywhere, to the extent that we import logs from Egypt and parsley from Tunisia, why not borrow one sentence from Lebanon, spoken by a seeker of peace who went through a tragedy, to be the opening for a solution: (No winner and no loser).

It does not need ships, or ports, or enhanced bank credit.

It only needs some sense, some good intentions and some patience.

 *A Libyan Journalist and Author