Home News Gentiloni warns that Libya could turn into “another Somalia”

Gentiloni warns that Libya could turn into “another Somalia”


Italy have warned the international community that Libya could turn into “another Somalia” if the rivalling groups do not reach an agreement. It was the Italian Foreign Minister, Paolo Gentiloni who issued this warning, aimed particularly at Europe, he said that Europe will find itself “with another Somalia two steps from its coasts” if the peace talks are not finalised and put into action in the next few weeks. He added “Time is limited, particularly now that IS in Sirte has become alarming”

The Arab league will meet today in Egypt, to talk about supporting Libya in fighting terrorism and to help them progress in achieving settlement and security.

Italy, as well as, the USA, UK, France, Germany and Spain, have signed a joint statement on Sunday condemning the “ongoing barbaric acts of IS terrorists in the Libyan city of Sirte.” The clashes that occurred on the coastal city of Sirte between local residents and IS militants flared last week and resulted in the killing of approximately 200 people, some of which were beheaded, others were crucified, including women and children.

The statement which was signed by the 6 countries said “We are deeply concerned about reports that these fighters have shelled densely populated parts of the city and committed indiscriminate acts of violence to terrorize the Libyan population” they also called on for all the Libyan factions to unite, to be able to stand together and fight the terrorist threat in the region. The statement also said “the deplorable developments in Sirte underscore the urgent need for parties in Libya to reach agreement on forming a Government of National Accord”.