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Revolutionaries preparing to fight against IS in Sirte


LIBYAPROSPECT has received exclusive information on the fight with IS in Libya. Groups of revolutionaries have met up in Nafusa Mountain, in the western side of Libya. The groups are preparing to form one brigade to make their way to Sirte and help the locals fight Islamic State (IS) militants and ultimately, thwart the threat of IS in the city.

The brigade from the city of Gherian, the largest city in the Nafusa Mountain, is the brigade that took the initiative, and started summoning the other brigades to unite and fight IS in Sirte. It is also believed that there have been strong preparations in the city of Misrata, who are allegedly gathering their brigades, and they will also join the other brigades to support the local fighters in Sirte against IS.

A fierce battle broke out between Islamic State (IS) militants and a rival Salafist group and local residents in the IS stronghold of Sirte in central Libya. It is reported that 17 – 30 people have been killed in these clashes on Thursday.

The Salafist group and multiple armed residents stormed the city of Sirte and attacked the IS fighters, Sirte is located approximately 500km east of the capital Tripoli. According to Associated Press, IS militants gave the residents of Sirte who were working in the police, the judiciary and the financial sector two options, they either pledge allegiance to IS or face the punishment of death.

Two Muslim clerics in Sirte refused to pledge their allegiance to IS, they began to fuel the anger of local residents against IS and urged locals to rise up and fight IS. One of the clerics has been killed, so, many of the attackers have accused IS militants of killing one of the two eminent clerics in the city of Sirte.

The weapons used were mainly medium and heavy weapons, and the firefight came from various angles. According to Reuters, 15 local fighters and two IS commanders have been killed in the firefight. The heat of the battle was concentrated in District 3, a district with many civilians, IS militants created a blockade around the District, and prevented women and children from leave the district. There are still battles taking place between the local fighters and IS militants, an eyewitness in Sirte say that the number of IS militants in Sirte are a few hundred, but they are fierce fighters, on the other hand, the local fighters are not going to stop unless IS is no longer present in Sirte.

Many notable individuals from Sirte, started to call for support from the Libyan authorities and the revolutionaries to support the local fighters against IS; the fight has already started and will not stop until one side wins, they are calling on help to stop IS from winning and killing all the local fighters, they also believe that this is the biggest chance for Libyans to get rid of IS in Libya, due to the fact that Sirte is the most secure place for IS in Libya. If IS are ousted from Sirte, it will be a big blow to the terrorist group, and they will be easier to topple. The notable individuals have also announced that most of the IS fighters are not Libyan nationals, and that if there are any Libyans with IS, they will not be more than 10, the few Libyans in IS are known by the residents of Sirte.