Home News Libyan factions agree to finalize the UN draft in three weeks

Libyan factions agree to finalize the UN draft in three weeks


The Libyan political dialogue has completed the latest round of talks, after two days of negotiations in Geneva at the UN office. The dialogue took place under the supervision of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, and the Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Bernardino Leon.

The dialogue did seem optimistic, with all the factions taking part agreeing on the fact they need to put aside their partisan agendas and put national interests before their personal disputes. All factions agreed on the fact that the dialogue is the only way forward for Libya, the only way to put an end to the chaos in Libya, and create a framework for the future political government.

According to the UNSMIL website, it is believed that all the parties have agreed and provided a target date, for the draft to be finalised and signed, which is within three weeks’ time. The finalisation of the dialogue will pave the way for Libya to become more stable and secure in the near future.

The plan set out by Leon is for the national unity government to be formed by the end of august and for it to be endorsed and voted on in September. If the factions decide on this then Libya can start dealing with the security issues in the country.