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GNC to attend the UN-Brokered dialogue in Geneva


It is confirmed that the Libyan dialogue, led by the UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, will commence in Geneva. The General National Congress (GNC) has agreed to partake in the dialogue, after more than a month of boycotting the negotiations. However they still stand firm on their decision of not accepting the draft, but it will still continue in the dialogue and they expect the UN to make the amendments they want.
It is believed that the decision to join the dialogue in Geneva came after an argument that broke out between the parties in the GNC, and Nuri Abosahmain, the leader of the GNC, got in contact with Leon, saying that the GNC would send delegates to Geneva, on the condition that the draft is reformed. The only issue is, the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobrok said that they will not accept any changes to the draft.
In other news, On Sunday, a car bomb had exploded in the eastern city of Darna, the explosions killed approximately seven people, and injured 19 others. It is believed that this was an Islamic State attempt to retake the city.
IS has created a significant presence in Libya, with two governments fighting for sovereignty. Darna used to be an IS stronghold, but IS have been pushed on their back foot and have been ousted from the city since June 2015, by rival groups such as the Shura Council of Mujahedeen of Darna.
Islamic State posted on social media, “The martyr Abu Jaafar al-Sudani blew up his car bomb in the city of Derna, causing many dead and wounded,”. The suicide attacker is believed to be a Sudanese militant loyal to IS.
Militants loyal to IS have been trying to take back control of Darna, rival groups such as the Islamist Abu Salim Martyrs Brigade managed to halt the attack, the only issue is that both sides used heavy weapons, and the exchange of fire ripped through the eastern side of Darna. According to Reuters, a commander opposing to Islamic State was killed during the firefight.