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Libya Dawn brigades deliberate on Libyan negotiations


According to a person (who did not want to be named) close to the UN envoy to Libya and leaders of the brigades spoke to LIBYAPROSPECT, and said that another kind of dialogue has taken place in Tripoli, the groups taking part in this dialogue –unlike the politicians- are militants. The many brigades of the Libya Dawn operation have decided to sit down together and talk about the UN led dialogue, which will take place this week in Geneva. The talks between the brigades is taking place under the supervision of the UN envoy, the brigades have taken the initiative to prepare themselves for the steps after the accord government is formed, which will mainly be based on how to overcome the security issues in Libya. All of the Libya Dawn brigades are meeting in Tripoli, in order to reach a peace resolution, to take a step in the right direction and put aside their differences.
However, there are still obstacles facing the progression of these talks, the main obstacle is the fact that three of the brigades who oppose the dialogue want no negotiations with the HoR at all, they are the same brigades that have previously attacked the General National Congress (GNC) many times to intimidate them to do what they want, but the brigades in favour of the dialogue are still trying to persuade those three brigades to join them and support the dialogue.
The main aim of these talks is to get a ceasefire, and stop the fighting across Libya, particularly in Tripoli, the other aim is to bring back safety and security to Tripoli, by establishing a common force, which will unite all of the brigades in the western side of Libya.
Currently, in the western side of Libya, there are many talks and negotiations taking place, but they are all taking place in separate rooms, now there is one big room where all of the brigades are together talking about the same topic, security. The person who spoke to LIBYAPROSPECT said that the talks currently taking place in Tripoli have many positive aspects, the most important aspect is the fact that this will hopefully end the battle on the ground in Tripoli, and the western side of Libya. He believed that it will follow the trend of outcomes of dialogues which have taken place, such as: the dialogue that took place between Libya Dawn and the Dignity operation in Warshafana a city to the west of Tripoli, after a long period of fighting, both sides agreed on a ceasefire; the dialogue between the city of Zawiah and the city of Zintan stopped them from fighting; the talks between the cities of Gheryan and Rojban stopped the battles; and finally the best example is the negotiations between Zwara, Regdaleen, Aljmeal and Zultun also stopped the bloodshed. He believed that the dialogue in Tripoli would follow suit. He finished off by saying even though we cannot predict immediate positive changes, we can still see that the factions are working hard to come to a resolution and unite in favour of national concord.