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IS commander killed in Benghazi


According to media outlets controlled by Islamic State (IS), ‘Imad Alzway’ one of IS’s leading commanders has been killed during clashes with the forces of the Libyan army in the Boatnia area in Benghazi. The extremist organisation has posted a picture of Alzway dead, they described him as one of IS’s best fighters in Benghazi. They also stated that the so-called “state-regulation” had lost one of its leaders.

To make matters worse for IS, Shura Council of Mujahedeen in Darna (SCMD) has been carrying out revenge attacks on IS supporters. SCMD has begun targeting any belongings of IS members, whether cars or homes, in the hopes of eradicating the threat of IS in Darna. On Saturday, a car belonging to an IS supporter had been targeted and blown up, this is one of many incidents of this kind. However, Darna has not completely depleted the threat of IS, it is believed that IS militants bombed the area of Alfataiah farm, this led to them exchanging fire.