Home News Tunisia arrests 12 people attempting to join IS in Libya

Tunisia arrests 12 people attempting to join IS in Libya


12 Tunisians, including a woman, have been arrested in Tunisia, they were attempting to go to Libya and join the terrorist group of Islamic State (IS). After the Sousse attack, the Tunisian authorities have attempted to bolster border security in order to prevent any other attacks of the occurring, as well as stopping Tunisians from travelling to Libya to join these extremist groups, like Seifeddine Rezgui did.

According to Reuters, the 12 people were arrested in the southern town of Ben Guerdane, a town nearby the border of Libya. Security forces have said that “The suspects said that they had been planning to cross into Libyan territory with the help of a smuggler,” Tunisia has also began building a wall and a trench along the insecure border with Libya.

In other news, Tunisia, alongside Egypt have also made attempts to help Libya rebuild. Both countries are willing to send electricity to Libya in order to ease the blackouts, with many areas in Libya suffering blackouts, of which, some can last for days. In hopes to reduce the amount of blackouts, Libya will import electricity from its neighbours.

The only way Libya can progress is if the dialogue becomes successful and an accord government is formed, from there Libya can become self-sufficient in electricity, it can thwart the threat of terrorism, begin exporting its oil and ultimately prosper.