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IS: the only beneficiary of the Mediterranean migrant crisis


It is believed that up to 200 people may have drowned in the Mediterranean, after a boat crammed with approximately 700 migrants capsized, adding to the Mediterranean migrant crisis. The boat, which was carrying men, women and children had capsized roughly 25 miles off the Libyan coast on Wednesday. Officials say that 25 bodies have been recovered and about 400 people had been rescued. Officials expect the number of victims of the Mediterranean Sea to rise.

In desperate attempts to rescue the drowning migrants, who were on their way to Europe, the Italian air force dropped life rafts into the sea, and approximately three ships went directly to the area where the boat was thought to have capsized.

According to the Daily Mail, the first ship to be dispatched was the Irish patrol vessel ‘LE Niamh’. According to the Irish authorities, it is estimated that 367 people had been rescued, including 12 women and 13 children. Six others, which included a survivor with a broken leg and a baby younger than 1 year have been taken to Italy. A spokesman in Italy for the UN refugee agency said that, even though the sea was very calm ‘the boat overturned and sank quickly because it was made of metal’

According to the International Organization for Migration, it is believed that 2,000 migrants have died in the Mediterranean since the start of 2015, the exact death toll is still unknown. These migrants who flee from their homelands to get to Europe to have a better life, all travel through Libya. The chaos in Libya is what allows these catastrophes to happen, with terrorist organisations, such as Islamic State affiliates and people smugglers roaming the land, these terrorist groups exploit the power vacuum in Libya, groups like IS use these migrants as recruits for their organisation, they exploit the fact that these migrants are in search for money and a better lifestyle, therefore, IS provide them with luxuries, but they have to join their organisation in return. The other issue in Libya is the two rival governments who are disputing, the GNC in the west and the HoR in the east.

isisIn other news, the chaos in Libya still remains, recently, IS affiliates in Libya have executed a judge who was captured last week. The judge was abducted by an unidentified armed group last week in Sirte, which is controlled by IS. He was found dead near the town Harawa, and had signs of torture all over his body.

photo In order for Libya to progress it needs to; secure its borders, it needs to deplete the threat of terrorism and it needs to get rid of the power vacuum. However these targets are not possible without the dialogue progressing and forming an accord government.