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Concord is the only way to reach stability


By: Suliman Elbayoudi

SulimanElbayoudiThe reality says that there is a final agreement document that is not perfect, signed by some of the Libyan conflict parties, through dialogue facilitated by the UN. This document is the best that can be attained after the state of armed and bloody conflict. We must be sure that all bodies draw their legitimacy from the agreement, and that the purpose is to create a safe stability. Libya will only be ruled by the Council of Ministers, and the role of many abusers will be diminished.

In the event that no agreement is reached, what will happen in a few months from now will be much worse that what is expected. The simple Libyan citizen will pay the price, and the wave of frustration, instability and violence will increase to secure a living.

What is even worse is the increase in the number of bodies that will claim their legitimacy by the sword, by throne succession or the demands for the return of the former regime. Those who reject the solution will find that it is built on a fragile ground which will not allow it to survive, and they will directly pay for part of the anger.

Unfortunately, the reality says that the worst is yet to come, and that saving the homeland will not be through continuing to wait for a solution from the non-solution groups. Exerting direct popular pressure and taking to the streets is the final solution. The abyss is the bottom awaiting the children of Libya, and their salvation from this uselessness which is the true salvation for Libya from falling is to go out to the streets today for an agreement that will gradually reinstate a safe life for Libyans, which is much better than taking our weapons to fight and put an end to the inclusive national entity.

In the real world, peaceful change is the essence of February, there is the dream of a modern state. Hiding behind machines and the virtual world will only increase submissiveness and release the charges of repression and frustration.