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Political concord is Libya’s lifeline


By Dr. Abubakr M. Buera*

  • 128The legislative process in the public policy of the state should not be hasty. It must go through phases of study and examination so that all future legislation is comprehensive and objective in terms of the issue it addressed. Perhaps what happened in the general amnesty law was the best example of this.
  • Political agreement is a last chance to maintain the unity of the country and its sovereignty through the agreement of the political parties and as a hoped for positive result of the political dialogue that is based on respecting the political institutions that result from this agreement and the signing in initials that took place.
  • The political agreement document, and the institutions of the last interim regime resulting from it are the only ones that will put an end, through agreement, to the problem of the possible political vacuum in the country.
  • Those who approve and sign this agreement are those who seek the settlement of stability, putting an end to the conflict and the people’s suffering, and preventing more division and fragmentation in the country.
  • The media must stop mobilizing the street, and must give the political roles and duties their real and clear names. Parliament mandated the UN and the Secretary General of the UN, Its representative, to approve the consensus arrangements and arriving at a political agreement among all the parties.
  • I raised the idea to elect the president from among the members of parliament in August 2014 to ensure the country avoids a political vacuum and strengthen the executive and sovereign aspects in a practical manner, but it was not widely accepted then. It was opposed with unrealistic solutions. And here it is now, perhaps prompted by certain trends… including trends against dialogue and political agreement.
  • The source of the international sanctions is the international Security Council… They may go through phases before they reach the state of implementation. We still hope that agreement and consensus prevail among the parties according to the principles of the recent final draft.

* Dr. Abubakr M. Buera gives his opinion in points during a recent media interview.