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Kerry expresses his support for the UNSMIL draft


John Kerry the US Secretary of The United States tried to bolster the peace process on Sunday, by supporting the UN arrangement for a solidarity government in Libya. However, out of the two governments in Libya, the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobrok is the only one that has agreed, and initialled the UN draft, Kerry said that this must change and both sides should agree.

When referring to the General National Congress (GNC), Kerry said “We cannot allow one or two or three different spoiler groups who have not achieved all of their goals they had hoped to achieve though the conflict to destroy the entire process,” He added “We agree that we are going to review a couple of possibilities and options over the course of the next days of how we might get greater support to the UN initiative right now.”

The comments made by Kerry would make the United Nations Support Mission In Libya (UNSMIL) and the UN special envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon very happy. Leon is still looking for a way to bring together the GNC and the HoR, and form a solidarity government in Libya.

The GNC claimed that Leon has agreed to amend the draft, which was initialled on the 11th of July by the all the other factions. The GNC remain firm on their decision to boycott the UN-led dialogue until the amendments are made.

Many delegates who took part in the dialogue in Skhirat, including the HoR have reiterated that there can be no changes made to the draft, in addition, Leon has told the Head of the GNC Nuri Abusahmain that the draft as it is, is the only way to solve the crisis in Libya.

The chaos in Libya is getting worse, it has perpetuated through the treatment of the Gaddafi officials. According to Reuters, Libyan state prosecutors are investigating unidentified guards, after a video has emerged of Libyan guards beating the son of the ousted tyrant, in a Tripoli prison.

The video was released a week after a court in Tripoli sentenced Saif Al-Islam and seven other Gaddafi regime officials to death, for the crimes they committed in 2011 Libyan uprising. Many legal analysts believe the trial was littered with legal flaws.

Furthermore, the lawyers of Baghdadi Mahmoudi, the former Libyan Prime Minister, have called for the international community to rescue their client from execution. The lawyers argued that the verdicts that deemed 8 Gaddafi officials to death were politically motivated, and therefore were biased.

They will appeal the verdict to the Supreme Court and try get the decision overturned, they believe there is still time to do so, as the date of the execution has not been set. The lawyers are also planning to file a law suit against many Tunisian officials, one of the officials is the former Tunisian Prime Minister who was involved in the extradition of Mahmoudi to Libya in 2012.

International pressure is mounting on the backs of the Libyan factions, mainly on the GNC to sign the draft, the UK, France, Spain and the USA’s commitment to send troops to Libya and help fight the threat of terrorism.