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Leon gives the GNC another chance to initial the draft


Bernardino Leon, the Special-Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya and head of the United Nations Support Mission In Libya (UNSMIL), has met in the Algerian capital with the delegation of the General National Congress which was led by Nuri Abusahmain.

After the meeting Leon stated in a press conference that, he hopes that a dialogue round to advance the Libyan political agreement that was initialled on the 11th of July will be finalised in the coming weeks.

LIBYAPROSPECT has been provided two points of view from observers close to the GNC on this matter: the first observer said, we have nothing new, and that the attitude of the GNC still remains the same. They added that, Leon did nothing new, and they still insist that they must accept the GNC’s amendments on the last draft or there will be no agreement between them. The second observer believed that things will be alright, and that the GNC will overcome their complications between them and the other factions, this is evident as the GNC delegates have travelled to Algeria to show Leon that they are willing to proceed in this dialogue and do something about the concord.

It seems as if there is international and regional pressure on the GNC to go forward in the dialogue, one can assume this as many prolific political bodies attended the dialogue: the Algerian Minister of Maghreb Affairs, the African Union and the Arab League, Abdelkader Messahel, and his team, as well as the Italian Foreign Minister, Paolo Gentiloni for their political support. This shows that these bodies attended to make sure there is progress in the dialogue.

In addition to international and regional pressure, practical pressure is also on the GNC and even on the other factions, this is due to the fact that, British troops are set to be deployed in Libya to fight the threat of terrorism from Islamic State (IS) in Libya.

The countries that will join Britain in deploying troops will be US, France, Spain and Germany and try to stabilise Libya, this can only happen after the disputing factions come to an agreement on forming an accord government.

According to the Times, the mission participants, also known as the P3+5, are all working together with the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) in order to “rebuild organs of the state and train security forces”

It is believed that once the accord government is formed, the P3+5 will try and get a UN Security Council resolution to authorise intervention in Libya, in order to train the security forces and the army. Furthermore, the Times has reported the possibility of American and French airstrikes alongside the British jets will be unlikely as there is a commitment to fight IS in Iraq, which will require the airstrikes.

It seems as if the Libyan factions have no choice but to sit together; the international community has surpassed the talking stage, they have reached the stage of acting, it looks like it will be better if the Libyans can create the accord government, and when the central government is formed the international community can aid the country.