Home News Four Indians captured by IS in Libya, two freed

Four Indians captured by IS in Libya, two freed


On Wednesday, four Indian internationals have been held captive by Islamic State affiliates near the coastal city of Sirte. The Indian authorities have announced that two of the men have been released but two still remain under captivity.

The four Indian men, are believed to be lecturers working at the University of Sirte, and have been working there for more than a year, the men were stopped at a checkpoint about 30 miles (50km) outside the city of Sirte, they were on their way to Tripoli, in order to catch a flight out of Libya.

The Foreign Minister Sushama Swaraj, who is believed to have brokered a deal to secure the freedom of 2 of the 4 captives tweeted, “ I am happy we have been able to secure the release of Lakshmikant and Vijay Kumar,” he added “trying for other two”

It is believed the other two detainees, Gopikrishana Truveedula, a professor in computer science, and his colleague Balram, may be released within 24-48 hours.

However, the controversy in this matter arises due to the fact that, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup did not mention what group or individuals the Indian government believed were behind the detention of the men, he only said that the government was in touch with the families concerned and added no more.