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UK and US support intervention in Libya


UK and US support intervention in Libya

Are they planning to use Libya as the battleground to fight IS?

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has issued a warning that, Britain must be on standby to help bring an end to extremist jihadist groups like Islamic State (IS) across the world “in order to protect ourselves and prevent attacks on home soil”. He said, the groups like the murderous death cult IS, will only be thwarted if countries unify against them.

davidcameronThe government has drafted a plan to defeat the jihadi forces inside Libya. According to The Telegraph, Cameron has ordered government officials to begin the planning for new intervention in Libya. The prime minister has said, Libya has become a haven for these terrorist groups. For example Seifeddine Rezgui, the gunman who killed 30 Britons at the beach resort in Sousse, received training in Libya, as well as the two men that attacked the museum in Tunis.

Cameron said “All of us face a threat from foreign fighters and from increasing radicalisation within our countries and it’s right that we look at what help we can provide to one another.” He added “We will only defeat these brutal terrorists if we take action at home, overseas and online and if we unite with countries around the world against this common enemy.”

If it is decided that Britain will intervene in Libya, the intervention will consist of: sending in specialists to help the authorities organise their security operations, as well as military training to prepare the local troops and the army for the battle against IS fighters.
US_Senate_class_photoIn other news, the Libyan embassy in Washington DC has announced that the Appropriations Committee of the US Senate has adopted a draft budget for foreign aid for 2016, this includes 20m $USD in aid. However, the aid will come in the form of training programmes, logistics support, education, military training, supporting anti-terrorism operations, enforcing the law, as well as increasing efforts to stop the spread of weapons which are banned internationally, in Libya.

The website of the Libyan embassy in Washington DC has indicated that the US senate will transfer the budget to the Senate floor, so the bill can be voted on, and all members must attend on that day, the Appropriations Committee will recommend the bill to be passed.

remotesensingIf international efforts to diminish the threat of terrorism in Libya are imminent, they need to act fast. According to an Algerian newspaper, the IS troops are ready to seize control of Sabratha (which is approximately 60km west of Tripoli) and make it a stronghold for the extremist group. The newspaper added that, the IS group began its preparations to announce that Sabratha will be the new stronghold (Emara), and that they are now choosing an Amir (Head).
It is believed that this came about after IS organisation was thinking to enlarge the map of IS in Libya, the same source said, the IS organisation is still receiving shipments of weapons that are imported from outside of Libya, and that is what makes the threat worse.

LIBYA-CONFLICT-ISIt looks like it is clear the war is between the wests and IS, and will just use Libya as the battleground? Or will it be through plans and deals with Libyan authorities after the accord government is formed? Most of the militants of IS come through the sea to Libya, are they monitored by the international agencies? In relation to the dialogue, Will this conflict make the Libyans think twice about not signing the draft and to start stabilising the country so they can confront the danger of IS?