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IS kidnaps three Christian men


Three Christian men were kidnapped by the notorious, extremist group, Islamic State, who published their passport pictures. In a statement released by IS on social media, the men are from Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana.

According to Reuters the kidnapping took place in Nawfliyah, which is known to be an Islamic state stronghold in the city of Sirte.

In spite of this, clashes broke out on Friday morning between Islamic State in Derna, who are based in the Fattaih area and the 102 infantry brigade of the Libya army in Derna.

According to Al-Awsat, the clashes between the armed groups took place near the University of Al-Fattaih, it is believed that heavy and medium weapons were used during the fight. Abdul Karim Sabra, a member of the Libyan army said “there is no IS presence in the northern part of Derna, after confrontations with the Shura Council Mujahedeen Group last month, while in the western part of the city they are boxed in by the Libyan national army.”

It is believed that the IS militants have been hiding in civilian owned farms, using them to protect themselves from strikes by the Libyan air force.

According to sabra, the IS group in Libya has “lost its reins”, they have become weaker, after suffering huge losses in an increasing number of casualties, and to make matters worse for them, they have limited mobility due to lack of fuel and have resulted in using tractors which are stolen from farms to fight against the army.