Home News Haftar says that the army is stronger than any Libyan dialogue

Haftar says that the army is stronger than any Libyan dialogue

General Khalifa Haftar/Reuters

Retired General Khalifa Haftar – the leader of the Libyan army loyal to the House of Representatives (HoR) – described the Libyan army as a red line, and that they will not be lured into any political agreement, so they do not want to even be included in any concord.

Haftar said, on Tuesday, that the army cannot be a part of any political dialogue, during a meeting, which took place in the Office of General Leadership of the Libyan Army in the eastern city of Al-Marj, his army officers and the commanders of the front lines attended the meeting.

He also added that the Libyan army forces will use its full power and force against any conspiracies that may target the army corporations or the Libyan people. According to Libyan News Agency in Al-Baidah city.

Haftar went on to say that, “we, the army, want no relationship with the dialogue” and he warned that if the dialogue does reach an agreement that is against the Libyan people, this agreement will not be recognised, and that it will be as if the dialogue has never existed.

He also criticised the performance of the HoR, he said that there are groups within the House which do not support him and his movement at all, and they work against him. However, he said on the other hand, that there is also a group in the HoR that supports his movement, this group is effective and can take decisions inside the HoR on behalf of the Libyan people.