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Libyan factions initial the draft in the absence of GNC


A new version of the UN – brokered peace deal has been finalised on Saturday, by the factions of the dialogue how have initialled the draft, other than the GNC who have not signed. This deal has applied a lot of pressure on the leadership of the General National Congress (GNC), to sign the accord and form a solidarity government in the hopes to end the pandemonium in Libya.

The UN negotiators plan to meet after the month of Ramadan, in order to work together, to form a temporary government and to complete balancing the power between the groups, these talks will go on regardless whether the GNC attend or not.

The UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, has told a ceremony attended by Arab and western diplomats that “This agreement will bring a step, an important step in the road of peace in Libya” he also added “Let me enhance one message: the doors will remain open to those who have chosen not to be here”


According to Aljazeera, this deal will provide the rival factions with a platform for them to live together in peace, and begin another transitional period, which will take one year after the deal, in this time they can decide on the issues that can bring hope to Libya, for example, to start the disarmament process and writing a constitution.

However, an obstacle remains, the GNC are still refusing to sign, and Abdulqader Haweli of the GNC has stated that the party congregated last week, they have all voted against the draft, and have asked for time to study the draft and present their amendments.


According to Reuters, Mowafaq Hawas, a representative of the GNC in Morocco, has stated that “We are still in the dialogue, but we don’t really understand why they are rushing to sign before all the parties agree,”

Whereas, Leon still has his arms open for the GNC, he said “they [GNC] have also played a critical role in this text. As I have said many times, there is no text that is entirely satisfactory to all parties and that responds to all their demands… I am confident that in the weeks ahead a clear decision will be made and will address all sides and issues.”

Many western officials have said that the UN talks are the only hope Libya has in order to stop the chaos and bring the fighting to a halt. On the other hand, the issue still remains, in the last three days, approximately 19 people have been killed and 80 people have been wounded in the eastern city of Benghazi, these are figures from one part of Libya. In addition in the city of Darna the fighting against Islamic state is still underway, the whole country suffers from lack of security. Despite these catastrophes, people in Libya are looking forward for the results of the UN talks, is the final deal immanent? Will it bring security and stability, as well as ending the struggles of the people?