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Haweli justifies reasons behind the GNC’s time extension


A member of the GNC, Abdulqader Haweli, has stated when talking Anadolu agency, that when the GNC requested to have a time extension in order for them to revise the UNSMIL draft, they did not intend for their action to be perceived as them pulling out of the dialogue.

He also added that the most recent amendments of the GNC were there to secure the continuity of the dialogue, and that whoever accepts the amendments made by the HoR in Tobrok wants to ruin the dialogue taking place in Skhirat.

Haweli also said that the GNC cannot accept any amendments to the draft that will alienate the GNC and overlook the decision of the Supreme Court.


Furthermore, Abubaker Baierah, a member of the HoR and a delegate present in the dialogue in Skhirat, has denounced the attitude of the GNC in refusing to sign the draft, he also criticised Faraj Abohashem, the spokesman of the HoR who announced that the house will also refuse to sign on the draft, even if all rival sides accept the amendments they have made.

However, the spokesman Faraj Abohashem has accused Baierah of refusing to carry on the transition between the GNC and the HoR, which caused the consequences that created the current crisis in Libya, according to Abohashem.


In addition, Bernardino Leon is still calling upon all parties taking part in the dialogue to sign the UNSMIL draft for the sake of fixing the country and putting an end to the suffering of the people.