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Bombings in the streets of Benghazi and Misrata


On Wednesday, a car bomb had exploded in the city of Misrata, on Benghazi Street which lies in front of Al-Ayeb mosque. The target was a military intelligence officer. Many preliminary reports state that 6 have been wounded by the bombing.

A security source in Misrata had stated that the city is on full alert, they are expecting many more terrorist operations from Islamic state after the recent operation which targeted locations and personnel.

On the same day, on the other side of the country, a battle had erupted in Benghazi which has resulted in the deaths of at least 14 people. According to the Benghazi medical centre, they have received approximately 13 bodies as well as 50 wounded persons. Al-Jalaa hospital claimed that they were hit by a rocket, this rocket had resulted in wounding three people and killing one person.

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It is still not known whether those who were killed and wounded in the clashes werecivilians or fighters. For over a year, Benghazi has been suffering from near-daily clashes between groups loyal to the government and other armed forces, both sides are fighting for control of the city.

The situation differs in the capital, In Tripoli there was a show of military strength in martyr square and the surrounding area, there were trucks carrying machine guns, driving in from the coast, nearby the Mitiga brigade base.

tripoliAnother group stopped in front of the radio and TV building. Many streets leading towards the city centre have been locked off, and this resulted in severe traffic which caused delays and disruptions in residential areas thereby causing outrage by the residents.

In addition, some of the men who were giving out orders and commands to these vehicles were dressed in military clothing with the Libyan army emblems, and others had uniforms from the “Sumood brigade”.

Salah Badi, the former General National Congress member and now militant has announced in mid-June that the sumood front will be formed. The front contains seven brigades under their wing, all of these brigades have announced their objection to the “dialogue or negotiation with the west”