Home News The GNC refuses to sign on the UNSMIL draft

The GNC refuses to sign on the UNSMIL draft


The rival Libyan parties taking part in the dialogue have continued tossing the UNSMIL draft consensus as the General National Council (GNC) has refused to sign on the draft accord on Tuesday, this draft is believed to help end four years of pandemonium and commotion in Libya, and give it the opportunity to experience political stability and peace.

The GNC has argued that the most recent draft of the UNSMIL contains bias and for that reason they refuse to initial it. They have said that they will not consent to any draft unless it is amended by them, they have called upon the UN envoy Bernardino Leon to re-open debates.

The main reason the GNC disagree with the proposal is due to the fact that the “judiciary” section is of reference to the Supreme Court decision which has given the mandate to the Parliament in Tobrok.

The GNC has called upon their delegates to leave the talks in Skhirat on Sunday, this was their retaliation to the draft, and their excuse was that they are returning to Tripoli to have a larger consultation with the rest of the GNC members.

The UN Security Council has openly stated that it advocates the most recent draft, and has encouraged all Libyans to unite to allow a solidarity government to emerge, an important role that has to be fulfilled in order to uplift Libya from the mayhem they currently face.