Leon to present his report on Libya to UN Security Council


    The UN envoy to Libya, Bernardino Leon, will present his formal report on the Libyan dialogue to the UN Security Council on Friday. It is believed that Leon will request the Security Council to take strong action against the GNC if they do not sign the draft. It seems like the General National Council is attempting to sabotage the dialogue.

    However, Leon has made it clear that he will wait for the General National Council to reply by this Wednesday, so they can sign the draft on Thursday, if they do not, then it will result to drastic action to be taken against them, with the possibility of sanctions.

    Faraj Abohashem, the spokesman of the House of Representatives in Tobrok has announced that the house has almost reached a verdict which will determine their final decision regarding the final draft. This is a big step to take, the change of mind-set of Abohashem is shocking, from the statement he delivered last Friday, which stated that the delegates of House of Representatives cannot sign the draft, even if their demands are met and the amendments are made, to saying that the deliberations in the house have been successful and that they have almost reached a final decision. The question here is, what made Abohashem go from saying one thing to another?

    On the other hand, a member of the House of Representatives in Tobrok who has attended the talks in Skhirat has commented on Abohashem’s statement of last Friday.

    1-678862Abubaker Baierah said that the statement was not accredited by all the members of the House of Representatives in Tobrok, he said that it was a personal action, and he had acted independently without collating the views of the other members, he said the statement represents Abohashem’s views only and not the House’s.

    Baierah has assure that the various Libya groups taking part in the dialogue have almost reached a point where the newest drafts will soon be consented by the members in the dialogue, he says once the draft is agreed upon, it can be seen as a platform from which Libya can prosper, and the suffering of the Libyan people can come to an end.

    The various groups taking part in the dialogue from different parts of the spectrum, can be seen as having an optimistic view for the future of Libya, however both sides do face the issue with the extreme groups from both sides trying to jeopardize the dialogue in Skhirat.