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HoR call on their delegates not to sign any agreement in Skhirat


A statement put forward by the spokesman of the House of Representatives, Faraj Abohashem, said that during the meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday the 23/06/2015, there was a decision by the house to amend certain aspects of the draft that was put forward by Bernardino Leon, the UN envoy.

Abohashem said that the delegates cannot sign the draft even if the proposed amendments were put in place, as the House of Representatives will still have to go over and analyse all attachments to the draft, due to the fact that the House did not have a chance to deliberate over all the attachments to the draft.

Abohashem made it clear that the delegates cannot sign the agreement unless they can look over and discuss the attachments.

On the other hand, today the head of the GNC, Nuri Abosahmain, sent a letter to the UN Envoy Bernardino Leon, this letter stated that the GNC would be happy for the UNSMIL to start selecting the army officers for Libya in Skhirat, but they insisted that the selected officers must be ones who are loyal to the army chief of staff under the legal authority. They believe the legal authority is the GNC.



However, one may wonder, yesterday Abosahmain was refusing all the amendmentsto the draft, it even seemed like he did not want to take part in the dialogue, but today he sends a letter saying he would be happy for Leon to start selecting officers, this forces the question of why? Is there pressure on the GNC after the problems they caused?Or are they genuinely convinced with Leon?

This also begs the question, is the problem in Libya exacerbating? It seems like the tables have turned, at one point, the GNC were the only opponents to the drafts, now the House of Representatives are disagreeing and the GNC are consenting, does this mean the talks for Libya have gone back to square one?

Despite the formal dialogue taking place in Skhirat, the conflict in Libya still remains a big issue, lives are being lost, homes being destroyed, is the dialogue a waste of time? Yesterday, three separate car bombs exploded instantaneously in the eastern coastal city of Darna, the bombing caused the deaths of at least 10 civilians.The bombings which went off yesterday evening, sparked clashes between militants loyal to Islamic State’s local affiliate and the Abosaleem battalion, the Abosaleem battalion is the battalion that started the fight against Islamic State in Libya, the fighting carried on into Saturday afternoon.


Last month, the Abosaleem battalion pushed Islamic State militants out of the city of Darna, which was controlled by Islamic state since late last year.Libya’s Islamic State affiliate is now fighting on various fronts, losing control of Darna whilst still expanding along the Northern coastline of Libya.

The army under the control of the retired general Khalifa Haftar, attempted to intervene in the battle between Islamic State affiliates and the Abosaleem battalion, they almost spoiled the work of Abosaleem battalion, and let the Islamic state affiliates win. There is still conflict in Benghazi which has caused daily bombings in the city which resulted in many people having to leave their homes, it has become a wrecked city.benghazi

By observing the two attempts to reach stability in Libya, both the formal dialogue attempt, and the battle on the ground attempt, we see that the longer the dialogue takes, the issue just becomes more complicated, is there an end to this catastrophe?