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A Libyan and international call for GNC team to sign UNSMIL draft


Notwithstanding the absence of the General National Congress (GNC) team from the most recent dialogue meeting in Skhirat, Morocco, the various delegates have welcomed the newest and amended draft from the UN special envoy Bernardino Leon, and they will sign it, with or without the GNC’s approval.

The independents and the House of Representatives expressed that they would initial the draft, they called on the missing GNC delegates to come to Skhirat and sign the draft with them before they do.

The statement said “Before initialling the agreement within the coming few days in Skhirat, there is still an opportunity for our brothers [the GNC delegates] to join this consensus and assume an important role in the political process,”

The delegates in Skhirat said that they “found themselves able to concur on the content of the Libyan political assention . . . We are sure that that it will put Libya on the track of the yearned arrangement”.

libyadialogueThey also payed tribute to the GNC delegates for their important role to the dialogue, the also said that they are waiting and looking forward to their return to Skhirat to complete the process.

“We are hoping that their decision in the coming few days will be positive and consistent with the prevailing spirit in the Libyan society that is eager for an agreement, and will steer away from calls for the continuation of war, division and exclusion and that they will shoulder their responsibility before the Libyan people,” the other delegates said.

In addition, the ambassadors of European countries and the US to Libya, have welcomed the statement of the participants in morocco who announced their concord on the latest draft. The ambassadors came from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK and the US.

On Friday morning the ambassadors expressed their support for the most recent Libyan draft as it can be seen as a stepping stone to finally reach the end of the crisis in Libya.

They also urged General National Congress, GNC delegates to do the same as the other Libyan delegates in a couple of days; this will meet the aspirations of the Libyan people to live in a stable and peaceful country.

Furthermore, the foreign minister George Vella has told Hasan Al-Sagayer , the Libyan deputy foreign minister of the parliament in Tobrok that there is “no alternative” to political dialogue in Libya, urging the Libyan side to support the political agreement under discussion for a unity government. As said in Malta Today.

Al-Sagayer landed in Malta with the Abdullah Al-Thinni, the Libyan Prime Minister of the parliament in Tobrok, to discuss the most recent developments in Libya, especially the anticipated talks which will be held in morocco under the supervision of the United Natlibya maltaions Support Mission in Libya, chaired by Bernardino Leon, the UN’s special envoy.

Al-Sagayer advised Vella that Libyans were trying to achieve a political settlement to the conflict, something he said was of “the most extreme significance for Libya’s security and solidarity” and the threat of Islamic State in Libya.