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The UN – carrot and stick approach in Libya?


Bernardino Leon is meeting the delegations of the House of Representatives on Thursday, including the members who have boycotted the House, to see the possibility of them signing on the draft. The delegations have already expressed their approval to sign it.

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However, the draft was refused by members of the General National Council, including the head, Nuri Abosahmain, who even participated in the protest, to stop members of the GNC from going to the dialogue in Morocco, unless they can study and amend the draft. Furthermore, Nuri Abosahmain has also accused the UK ambassador to Libya of applying pressure and making the GNC members agree and sign on the draft.

Moreover, Dar Al-Ifta, the fatwa organisation chaired by Sheikh Sadek Al-Ghariani, has decided that the UN-brokered dialogue discussions in Skhirat, Morocco, coincide with sharia law, however it has condemned the most recent draft agreement which was produced by UNSMIL as un-Islamic.


Dar Al-Ifta said when responding to some questions about the legality of the dialogue, that it was allowed for non-Muslims to help Muslims attain peace on the off chance that they couldn’t so themselves, provided that what was proposed was not conflicting with Islam.

Be that as it may, according to Sheikh Sadek Al-Ghariani, it was not legal for Muslims to sign any arrangement that disregarded the Supreme Court ruling, which, in the perspective of Libya Dawn supporters, de-legitimized the House of Representatives.

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He also stated that, nor was it legitimate to concur an arrangement that in effect saw non-Muslims being the mediator of what ought to happen in a Muslims state. “Infidels”, it said, could not be allowed to rule on sovereign matters of a Muslim nation. Furthermore, it was wrong to concur anything that empowered killers and criminals – seen as a reference to operation dignity.

An important point to consider is, that on Wednesday the UN Security Council urged Libya’s parties to consent to form a national unity government and they also threatened to place sanctions on those who attempt to hinder the way of a deal.

A draft proposal has been submitted by Bernardino Leon, the UN envoy, he said that it could be ready to be ratified when the peace talks in morocco commence on Thursday.


Members of the Security Council said in a joint statement that “there can be no military solution to the crisis in Libya” and they urged all sides to “sign the proposal” presented by the UN support mission in Libya the impending days

The 15 member council said that it was “prepared to sanction those who threaten Libya’s peace, stability and security or that undermine the successful completion of its political transition”.