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Morocco: Lion optimistic about Libyan factions’ talks


The United Nation representative for Libya, Bernardino Leon, announced yesterday that a political agreement has been reached between the parties in the fundamentals of the draft proposal which is under consideration, he has anticipated them to be enacted by the end of this week.

Leon told reporters at the end of a day he described as “very long” in Skihrat, Morocco, where Libyan parties were meeting on a draft political proposal which he put forward to them two weeks ago, he said “It is not 100 per cent but it is almost 100 per cent,”

Portraying the discussions today as “very positive” he went on to say “there are two, three positions that are not agreed by the parties” so they must return to Libya to consult their constituencies.

“After all these nine months of work we just have two, three issues and this is what the parties are going to discuss tomorrow and after tomorrow,” Leon said. “The idea is to be back on Wednesday and to have our next meeting on Thursday.”

“And on Thursday we will try to initialize the agreement,” the special representative said, who also is the head of the UN support mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

Looking at the near future, Leon said “it will pave the way for the discussion on the unity government and on the annexes. And only when all this work is finished the parties will be in a position to sign this agreement.”