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Libyans unhappy with Tunisia’s terrorism accusations


The Tunisian gunman who attacked a holiday resort on Friday killing 39 people, has been said to have a link with Libya, some say he got the weapon from Libya, others say he was trained there. The Tunisian government has accused Libya of being the source of terrorism. Many prominent Libyan inspectors believe this accusation is not fair as terrorism in North Africa is a regional problem. The inspectors have come to this conclusion as many IS members in Libya are Tunisians, and Tunisia has become a target.

The mass killer Seifeddine Rezgui, 23, is believed to have been radicalised when he went to study engineering at university where he lived in a flat with five mystery flatmates next to the mosque of seven virgins, the mosque they occupied once it was left with no official imam. It is estimated that 3,000 Tunisians have left to fight for Islamist groups in Libya and Syria.

His father Hakim Rezgui said that his son was a football fanatic who loved Real Madrid, and that he also used to break dance to rap music. Mr Rezgui said ‘these people ruined my son’s brain with horrid thoughts and ideas, they broke him,’

The gunman also known as the Sousse attacker who was killed by police showed little signs of radicalisation, but he still carried out one of Tunisia’s worst massacres. It is expected that this attack will cost Tunisia $515 million this year out of the annual tourism earnings. Tunisia is expected to suffer economically after the recent attacks.