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Libyan Soldier Executes Child in Benghazi


A Libyan human rights watch has condemned the murder of a black child in Libya. The boy, from Chad, was killed on camera by soldiers of Khalifa Haftar. According to The Libya Observer:

A Libyan human rights organization has condemned the killing of a black child in cold blood in eastern Libya.

Human Rights Solidarity said in a statement that fighters from rogue Gen [Khalifa Haftar]’s forces viciously killed the Chadian kid despite his desperate calls for mercy to them.

The killing footage spread all over the social media, which showed fighters from the east while uttering taboo words then shooting a very young kid, who appeared to be from Chad because of his accent.

The footage, which has no recording time and date, also shows the fighters discussing possibilities of calling the Red Crescent for the child’s body.

Libya has been an area of rising tension since its dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, was deposed and killed in October 2011. Since then, its fledgling democracy has suffered from ISIS and its ongoing civil war. Haftar is the main commander of one of the factions in the civil war. He was trained by the CIA.